How to Write an Application Letter

If you decide to apply o a university or college, you need to send an application letter. It is an important part of your CV package. In the future, you’ll need the skill of writing application letters for your future job.
Remember, that the main goal of an application letter is to show your achievements in your past education, social work and why you are willing to attend exactly this educational institution. Many universities and colleges have their own standards for writing application letters, like structure, number of words, etc. But mostly the format of application letters are the same.
Writing an application letter is much simpler that it seems to be.


  • Remember that you are writing a letter, not an essay about your life.
  • Use only true information.
  • Take out unnecessary words.
  • Take out unnecessary words.
  • Include personal stories.
  • Make a bright presentation of yourself.
  • A letter should be logically complete.


  • Exceed the word limit.
  • Use fragmentary sentences.
  • Use “I” sentences in your application letter.

Guidelines – How to Write an Application Letter

    1. Gather all application documents and the information you can include in your application letter. That’s how you can take a look at your life and define the main information that you can include in your letter.
    2. Find out if there any requirements for application letters in the educational institution you want to attend. Make marks on important ideas you should use in your letter.
    3. Write down logical points that will develop the structure of your letter and organize the information you want to present. All the parts of the letter must be connected and have and have a flow of ideas.
    4. Write all about your education, skills, and additional classes you’ve attended. Use only details that are connected with your skills and education.
    5. Use the “I” statements while writing. Application letters are personal, and it should be written from the first person.
    6. If there are requirements for the letter, don’t forget to follow them. In case you exceed the number of letters, it will show that you cannot follow directions.
    7. The best way to make your letter more “alive”,is by including stories from your life and maybe funny stories that are related to the theme of letter. You can also include the motivation behind your decision to receive a higher education, or tell about difficulties you’ve met to have an opportunity of attending a university.
    8. After completing the letter, you should proofread it or ask someone who has proofreading skills. Attentively make corrections, because all the mistakes made in the letter tells the authority about your educational level.

Every year, universities receive thousands of application letters. There is a small chance that your letter will be read with diligence. But don’t forget, that it can be read, so the quality of letter should be the best. Your application letter should ensure the university authority that you are the best student their university can imagine.

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