How to Write an Acknowledgment Letter

Since maintaining good relations with clients and associates is vital in today’s business environment, acknowledgment letters writing is highly important. An acknowledgment letter is a formal letter in which one person acknowledges and thanks another person for their time, trust, money or effort. It is an effective tool intended to maintain a good relationship with the people you deal with. Also, an acknowledgment letter can be written to inform somebody that the thing they sent has been received. It may be a copy of a document or receipt of payment. Business relationships often require conformation of an action from one party by another.

Apart from this, acknowledgment letters are considered as a specific category of thank-you letters aimed at acknowledging a contribution made or a gift given. Unlike thank-you notes, which typically focus on one short-term action, acknowledgment letters signify long-term actions, like the support of a relative or friend during a difficult period.


  • An acknowledgment letter should be brief and to the point.
  • The letter should be sent within two days of action prompting you to draft such a letter.
  • Be sincere. Try to be genuine in your letter, so that your recipient knows that you are not just completing a formality.
  • Address the letter to a person. Make sure that your letter is addressed to a specific person and not an organization or company in general. Business relationships are also built on personal interaction and human emotions.
  • Be polite. Start the letter on a positive note and maintain a courteous tone throughout the letter.
  • Use a letterhead. An official acknowledgement letter requires a company letterhead which can be on the top margin of the page, right, middle or left.


  • Mention any negative facts. Focus on your gratitude and appreciation.
  • Avoid over-praising or rambling. People usually know when you are insincere.
  • Passive voice too often

Guidelines – How to Write an Acknowledgement Letter

    1. Create an outline. Before you start writing your acknowledgment letter, think about what you want to write. A list of points should be made regarding your gratitude. Consider yourself as the receiver and ensure that the information you are going to provide is relevant and sufficient.
    2. Write a draft. The main purpose of drafting is to have a clear idea about the final letter and to ensure that your thoughts are conveyed logically and cohesively. Read the rough letter aloud to yourself to feel how it sounds.
    3. Introduce yourself and state the reason why you are writing.
    4. Briefly recap the proposal or idea you are acknowledging. Do not repeat the full history, because the receiver already knows it.
    5. Provide relevant, specific details, clarifying your purpose, such as thanking the receiver for delivering the requested information or items, gratitude for the support, confirming receipt of the service or product. List each item received, following the date.
    6. Thank the recipient sincerely for their business and support.
    7. Finish you letter with a complimentary closing. Use such polite phrases as “thanking you,” “yours truly,” “yours sincerely” and others.
    8. Proofread the letter before you send it. Check your spelling, grammar and structure. Make sure that it sounds genuine and does not contain any mistakes.

Acknowledgment letters are frequently used both in business affairs and informal communication. Writing these letters demonstrates an acknowledgment that you really appreciate a person and have the desire to maintain a long-term relationship with them.

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