How to Write an Order Letter

An order letter is a business letter which confirms the details of a purchase of services or goods from one party to another. Also, such terms as a letter of order or a PO (purchase order) can be used. The purpose of an order letter is to give the necessary instructions to the seller to fulfill an order successfully. The paper track of a particular transaction starts with it.
Since an order letter serves as a legal proof of an agreement, it should be written carefully. A customer should provide detailed information about their order, such as the model number, quantity, size, color, the payment terms, etc. When another party receives the letter, they will start processing the order and, if all necessary details are mentioned, dispatch the merchandise as soon as possible.


  • Write a separate paragraph for each item, using double spacing between paragraphs.
  • Clearly indicate the item number or the product code, the quantity, color and size being ordered.
  • Specify the mode of payment.
  • An order letter should also contain information about the cost of the price, such as taxes, so that there is no misunderstanding when making a payment.
  • If you have already paid any advance against the order, you should mention it in the letter.
  • Specify the relevant details related to the terms and conditions agreed upon by you and the other party involved.
  • Indicate the preferable mode of shipping.
  • Point out a deadline delivery date.

Guidelines – How to Write an Order Letter

  1. Before placing an order, ask a vendor to clarify some information you are not sure of in regard to the product.
  2. Find out in advance how much time the delivery of the product will take in order to understand whether you will receive it in the desired time.
  3. Start writing an order letter as soon as you determine your purchase. A company in which you are going to buy a particular product should be given enough time to execute your order.
  4. Use two or three paragraphs to construct the letter. Make a brief introduction of yourself, explain the details about your order and, finally, clarify again any questions you can have about your order. If you choose to use two paragraphs, then skip the introduction and go straight to your business.
  5. Write in a precise and clear manner. You should be open about what you are ordering, and give the full information about your order rather than use hints.
  6. Follow the standard business format. Only basic fonts should be used to write the letter. If you compose your order letter in a manner that is accurate and easy to read, the receiver will be able to comprehend it without any difficulty.
  7. Indicate the date. It is significant, because that identifies when your order was placed.
  8. Proofread the letter. Read your order letter one more time and correct spelling and grammatical mistakes if you find them out. What is more important, check all the details mentioned in the letter.

As an order letter is a contract proving the process of selling and purchasing between two parties, it is important to construct it accurately. If you state your needs directly and clearly, the vendor will have no problems with reading it and dispatch the demanded product to you on time.

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