How to Write a Sales Letter

A sales letter is one of the basic types of business letters which are designed to convince a prospective customer to buy a particular product or service. They are commonly sent by direct mail. It differs from most direct mail, such as the distribution of catalogs and leaflets, because a sales letter advertises a single product or product line. Also, it tends to be more textual than graphics-based. If a sales letter is constructed properly, it can be an effective and inexpensive way to communicate to your target audience.
Writing a convincing sales letter requires skill and precise effort. With the knowledge of the basic rules of writing sales letters and practice, it will not be difficult to create a valid sales letter and attract new customers. It is crucial to remember that a sales letter should be personalized and addressed directly to the reader through the constant usage of the preposition “you.”


  • Create an original, bright and informative headline to grab the reader’s attention
  • Write short sentences and paragraphs which are easy to read and comprehend
  • Refer the receiver to a website
  • Use a bullet-point format to highlight important details
  • Tell a short story to create a personal connection and make the letter memorable
  • Finish the letter with P.S. Sometimes it is the most readi part of the sales letter.


  • Spell the customer’s name incorrectly
  • Wait to get to the essence of your letter
  • Use negative language (“don’t” “no” etc.) and passive voice
  • Provide information that is not related to the product you offer
  • Include too many distracting pictures in the sales letter
  • Use capital letters every time you want to emphasize a point.

Guidelines – How to Write Sales Letter

    1. Define your target audience. Collect and analyze appropriate lists of potential customers.
    2. Choose sales tactics. Selecting the right sales method will largely depends on the customer’s knowledge and your product’s specificity.
    3. Organize the sales letter. Like any other successful letter, it should consist of an introduction, main part and conclusion.
    4. Capture the reader’s attention. Write an effective and creative opening to entice the receiver to continue reading. Avoid clichés and dull headlines.
    5. Show the benefits and key features of the product you offer, highlighting them with bullet points.
    6. Establish credibility. Leave the reader with a sense that you are an expert in this field and are familiar with the current market.
    7. Create the effect of urgency. It is essential to convince the reader that positive results will appear immediately when they purchase your product.
    8. Persuade the reader. Depending on the sales tactics you chose, give information in a way to achieve your purpose.
    9. Ask the recipient to take action. Do you want them to email, phone or visit your website? Let them know what they should do next.
    10. Read the letter one more time and correct the errors. Spelling or grammatical mistakes will instantly reduce your credibility.

To write an effective sales letter you should present your product or service to the reader, explain its features and highlight its benefits, and try to convert a prospective customer into buyer. If your writing style will be polite, convincing and grammatically correct, you will definitely achieve your goal.

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