Sales Letter Sample: Organic Cosmetics


Blue Flower Natural Organic Company                                       24 May, 2012
112634 Meridian Street.
Seattle, WA, 98177

Dear Customer,

Did you know that the Blue Flower Natural Organic Company provides products and services that cater for all your beauty needs? Every person that needs to maintain their natural looks and at the same time look stunning should access the high quality products offered by our company. Offering over 300 products that fit with every individual, I bet you can find a perfect product for yourself.

Organic Clear Skin Care is a unique product required by every person interested in keeping their skin healthy and natural. Organic Clear is aimed at protecting skin from the effects of sunshine and direct light. One of the key benefits of Organic Clear is that customers do not need to use other skin products, as it is specifically made to benefit the whole body. And you know that our products do not contain harmful chemicals such as propylene glycol and parabens.

Organic Clear keeps skin lovely and shining throughout the day, and maintains the skin’s natural fragrance. In fact, we are just as natural as a company. We are determined to concoct products that we would recommend to our friends and our loved ones.

No person should miss the opportunity and pleasure of using organic products for true beauty and perfect skin care. We urge all people interested in having healthy skin to use Organic Clear Skin Care. Buying the product as soon as possible will end the disappointments associated with unhealthy skin and other discouragements caused by using skin care products that contain harmful chemicals.

To order Organic Clear Skin Care, you are not required to send us money first, but you only need to take advantage of our online services and order by mail today!

Respectfully yours,

Sales Manager

Bob Thorton

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