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Choose Your Legendary Moleskine- Emphasize Your Personal Identity

Long time ago, it all started with legendary notebook used by famous persons such as Picasso, van Gogh, Hemingway, Chatwin. They filled it with ideas, notes, stories, drafts that now presented in famous book pages or beloved paintings. They used a simple black square with an elastic page-holder, internal pocket, and rounded paper corners that originated from France, where artistic Bohemia of the world browsed and were buying them. Moleskine established as brand in 1997 in Italy, returning back to life iconic notebook. Nowadays, Moleskine presented by diaries, notebooks, writing tools, bags, and reading outfits. It is irreplaceable assistant to creative people with big imagination. Since 2007, Moleskine is also the name of the company that owns this brand.

Your unique Moleskine notebook is perfect helper that can store your ideas, feelings and releases imagination. Our customers say that Moleskine brand means culture, memory, travel, and personal identity to them. Moleskine are assistants for imaginative and creative people and represent a symbol of contemporary nomadism.

Moleskine notebooks created to be a part of your beautiful life, a way for your expression, and a platform for your creative development. Simple books has unique and beautiful design, and are made to be a part of your personality.

If you ask us, What is Moleskine? We can say that it is a source of traditions and culture – from painting and writing to exploring of the world! Moleskine notebooks created according to five principles: Personal Identity, Memory, Travel, Imagination and Culture. You can choose our Moleskine from wide range of style and formats all of which are created to underline your individuality.

Moleskine notebooks are number one brand in the world for its quality, personality features, user-friendliness, and design integrity. They perfectly synchronized with tablets and e-books. With Moleskine you can be sure to find inimitable style that works for you!

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