How to Write Advertising Copy

Great advertising copy is all about selling your product, service, tour vacation or real-estate building. Effective copy demonstrates how you can capture the attention of your target customers and persuade them to buy something that they really need to buy. You can gain not only profit from writing advertising copy. For instance, you can collect your mail marketing contact list through the feedback process from your readers. As a good copy is crucial for business, you should know how to write good advertising copy. And you can find out this right away!

Advertising Copy Writing Tips

  • The headline must catch customer’ attention and make them attracted by your offer. The most successful approach to create your perfect headline is to include keywords that can trigger your ad. The target customers will be searching for headlines that contain key tags that they typed in and, of course, the resolving of their issue or need. So, do not hurry to add the name of your company to the heading, as you can use a more successful approach to grab attention. The greatest keywords headings are exacting, but you can also use a style that is more elusive for your copy. For instance, a statement like: «The Thing You are Searching For is Here!» will certainly engage the most curious people.
  • Write a detailed outline. We are sure that you have created an attention-grabbing headline. Now it is time to capture people’s interest. After reading your title, customers want to know two main things: why is the product so important and why do I need to buy it? If you want customers to purchase your service or product, you need to answer these questions, so that your business copy is informative. However, when you write advertising copy, do not add unnecessary information, as it will not provide any additional value to your product. Moreover, do not forget to add the copies keywords again to increase the ad’s actuality.
  • Promise of a benefit. How to write advertising copy without promises? It’s impossible. For now, you need to increase interest in your product into desire. Offer unique propositions to your customers. In other words, explain what key benefits you have, unlike your competitors. It could be lower prices, higher quality products, money return guarantee or free delivery. At the end, add a call-to-action to develop the customer’s desire to act. Simply saying, describe what you want clients to do when they read your ad. A call to action may be “Buy Now For Free Delivery,” “Order Online,” “Buy Today”.
  • Double check your business copy for grammatical and spelling mistakes. You can lose your potential customer’s attention due to poor ad formatting. Additionally, use the best practice of Capitalizing the Letters of the Word in the Headlines. This makes your copy look more professional, attractive and catchy.

10 Steps to Write a Business Copy

  1. Understand the goal of a copy.
  2. Write an attention-grabbing headline.
  3. Imagine the reader. Concentrate on the target audience.
  4. Write the outline. Every part should have an idea and a purpose.
  5. Use statistics and expert references to demonstrate credibility.
  6. Add “right” phrases. E.g., use “a small $5 fee” instead of “a $5 fee.”
  7. Include “power” words : you, free, because, instantly, new.
  8. Make an offer. Be bold and firm.
  9. Summary. Make a call for action.
  10. Revise and rewrite. Edit to include more details.

How to Write Advertising Copy

Mistakes to Avoid in Advertising Copy Writing

– Do not treat your copy like something secondary. Writing a great copy takes much time and energy.
– Do not forget to be specific, informative and up-front.
– Do not avoid to take a breather. As soon as you wrote your copy, walk away for little while and then check the text again.
– Do not write too much about your product features. When you are writing copy for advertising, you need to direct customers to order a product or to call you as they can.
– Don’t copy the advertising of others. Be original!

The truth is, if you want to write great business copy, you need to spent an ample amount of time and energy to complete it. The best copywriters spend weeks just creating the headline, and it takes months for them to write the body of the ad. You can say that they are slow; however, they certainly know how to make it right.

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