How to Write a Business Biography

A business biography is often used by company owners to let readers know about their activity.

It is a co-called “about the company” guide and contains information that you would add in a resume but in a story-form with a few paragraphs. Unlike a resume, the format of a bio is not so formal and narrow-minded. The main purposes of writing a business biography are to explain to the reader who you are and what is your company’s professional experience and background. You should write it in such a manner so that people want to make business with you. This document can be published in thematic magazine issues or used as a press-release at business events.Some tips on how to write a business bio are presented below.

Business Biography Writing Tips

  1. Do not forget to write a short description about the company and its owner. People show loyalty only to those companies who share its information openly.
  2. It is very important to define a solid mission statement which provides the firm’s aims and experience background. Do not forget to describe the company’s field of activity and its type of product.
  3. Write a paragraph about the developments and awards the company has achieved to show that it is competent enough.
  4. Add a few sentences about the firm’s publications. If you’ve published a book or written an article on a professional issues, include those qualifications in the business biography. This will add more credibility to your business and establish you as a leader in your niche.
  5. Be on the same wavelength with your customers. While writing a bio for business, use simple language that people use for talking with a friend. Remember that your target audience must understand you and your mission.
  6. Remember that most people who will read your bio are strangers that have already read plenty of business biographies. How to write a business biography for strangers? You need to catch their attention using a unique special conversational voice and attention-grabber words.
  7. For different purposes, you need to create three types of business biographies: a micro, a short and a longer bio. You will see that your bio will be requested in different lengths and it is more convenient to write a short, middle and long version.

Business Biography Writing Steps

How to Write a Business Biography

Common Mistakes in  Business Biography Writing

– Do not be afraid to include some personal and unique information about your company or yourself.
– However, do not write about information that is too informal. Remember that the main goal of a business biography goal is to show your professional background to the customer;
– Do not forget to write contact information;
– The biography should be written in the third person, using “he/she” pronouns instead of “I”;
– Do not forget to update it from time-to-time to include changes and to keep it improved.

Try to be honest while writing a business bio. The more you show your individuality, the better chance your company has to be appreciated by customers. Try to personalize your biography through adding such items as images, the company’s research activities, links to production examples, social networks accounts and so on. Before writing a business biography, look over some good examples. There are plenty of variants on the Web!

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