How to Write a Business E-Book

If you have a useful business idea to sell, or just want to be heard, e-book writing and selling it online is a very good idea. Follow the tips in the guide to write and successfully publish your first e-book. In this guide, we’ll provide you with all information on how to write an e-book that you might need.

 E-Book Writing Tips

  • Generate an idea. The most important step in the writing of business e-book is to invent, develop, and expand an idea. Start by composing a brief statement of purpose for your book. Once you got that, you can build up your detailed book story. Therefore, the next your step is to look for different aspects of your story. For instance, let’s assume you want to write about how to organize a local car repair business from the ground up. You can develop aspects like “types of auto repair,” “business plan creation”, “suitable location determination”. Connect details that are interrelated with each other until you get a detailed structure of a business e-book.
  • Write a draft. Now it is time to sit down and write your complete book. Use previously collected information and any techniques you need to complete the book. Do not think about headings, table of contents or other covering elements yet. Book writing takes time and the important thing here to do is not give up. Do not stop writing an ebook until you achieve your daily goal, otherwise you might abandon your project midway.
  • Edit and rewrite. Once you wrote a book, let it go for a while, and then read it from the very beginning with a critical eye.
  • To make your book understandable, use illustrations and schemes. Usually, they are necessary details to explain specific processes in the book.
  • Once the main part of your book is ready to be published, it is time to add an outline, summary and title. The title name will come to you during the writing process. If not, a title like “How to do “something”” is a safe choice. While writing an e-book , try not to pick the very first heading you thought of. It is better to generate a few titles, as your title might have already been used by another author. You may add adjectives or your name to the title to mix it. If you cited information from external sources (Internet sites, books, brochures) be sure you put it into your bibliography. Otherwise, you can be accused of plagiarism.
  • A major attraction tool for any business e-book is its cover. It is what potential reader see first. You can compose your own title design or order professionally-designed title.
  • Select e-book publishing platform. There are many places where you can publish your book. The popular one is Amazon Platform. Consider platform’s rules before publishing your book.

9 Steps to Write an E-Book

  1. Get an idea. Expand it.
  2. Gather information. Write the outline.
  3. Write a draft. Add details.
  4. Proofread and rewrite.
  5. Add graphics and illustrations.
  6. Format your e-book.
  7. Add table of contents and appendix.
  8. Design your front cover.
  9. Upload your e-book.

How to Write a Business E-Book

Mistakes to Avoid in  E-Book Writing

– Try not to write about what you don’t like to write.
– Don’t hurry to publish your book.
– Don’t stray from your deadline schedule to increase possibility of book finishing, when you write an e-book.
– Do not use an unknown format for your book. The most convenient e-book format is PDF.
– Do not be afraid to change your book several times.

As a conclusion, add information about how people can contact you. Write your e-mail, website or social network account. This will help you to improve your book with the help of feedback from your readers or just read pleasant opinions.

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