How to Write a Song

Wondering how to write a song? Don’t know how to write lyrics? It can be challenging to compose creative lyrics for a song. At last, today you will find out some of the best songwriting approaches. The following guide proposes approaches and recommendations on how to write the song.

Approaches to Songwriting

1. Choose a subject.

The first thing you should aim to do prior to writing a song is choosing a subject for the song. It is not necessary to do so, but a song that follows a strict idea or message is always better for listening. Furthermore, a chosen subject matter will make writing the lyrics a lot more easier for you. There are few approaches to use to find the ideas for your song.

2. Create lyrics based on the what you have already written.

Firstly, you can build your song on a line that you have already created. You may have some line that you wrote in a moment of inspiration, and it can be so that you can compose the whole song around this theme. This is the easiest approach, as you most likely have feelings towards this subject that you want to express and some of your lyrics have already been written.

3. Find a specific subject.

The second variant is to decide on using a specific subject you want to write about and try to create text from there. You might write about your surroundings or what you have experienced before. Or you may have something you have an opinion on and think it will be a good theme for a song.

4. Write a song text first that find a rhythm

The next step after you have chosen a subject to write about is to write lyrics first and then find the appropriate rhythm that will match the mood of the lyrics. This method means that you can write a song anywhere you are. All you need is a piece to write a lyrics down. This approach can be really useful, as you can catch your inspiration while riding on a bus or sleeping in the bedroom. In such moments it is not very convenient to start finding a backing beat. When inspiration hits like a bolt from the blue, it is better to write ideas as fast as you can, before you can forget it, and finish the song off. The complexity of this method lies in finding the fitful rhythm after. It can take a while to find the right beat.

5. Find a beat, than a lyrics.

The second approach is to find a beat first, than write a text over it. If you want to learn how to write lyrics for a song, it is vital to construct rhythm or melody of the song’s background. Find a beat you want to write something to and listen to it for a while, than catch a good feel of the beat and let the ideas enter in your mind. You should connect melody and rhythm with the lyrics you wrote. However, it could be hard to create a song in such way. It is always easier to think about your lyrics first, and then find a beat. It is not obligatory to choose only one approach. Try out both and see which option works better for you.

6. Start with a chorus.

The last one way to start writing your own song is to begin with a chorus. Once you draw out a few ideas onto paper,you will likely have the main idea which you can build your chorus on. In case you cannot find it, continue brainstorming until you will find it. By the way, you may generate more than one idea for the song. If you did so, choose the one that you want to write about right now, then save the rest of the ideas for your future song projects. Developing a good chorus is important when you want your song to be hummable. The chorus is a key element that connects each verse in a song. If you want to grab the attention of the listeners, the chorus needs to be catchy. There are always be exceptions to this rule, but is you are a songwriter beginner, writing catchy choruses are the right way to start.


– Always walk around with your note pad to write down any song ideas that may come to you suddenly.
– If it hard to compose lyrics for a song, try composing a poem and rewrite it into a song.
– Find out a recognizable structure formula for your song.
– Stop thinking about how to write a song – just start trying something now!
– Listen to different types of music. You may find inspiration from your favourite music.
– Make your words sing. Your lyrics can express your emotions perfectly but they should also appeal to the ear.
– Do not hesitate to write something unusual and fresh.

To sum up, composing a song is a long process and it can take you weeks, months or even years to write one. Many good songs come from the moment of inspiration. Try to catch that wave and then you can be sure that you will produce a great song.

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