How to Write an Analysis Essay

The aim of an analysis essay is to present thorough analysis of a viewpoint or issue to a specific audience. Writing this type of paper presupposes breaking large information into smaller ones and examining each of them. After describing each of the components, explain the connections between them and provide your conclusions.
The analysis essay format is versatile. It can cover almost any subject.

Write an Analysis Essay in Several Steps

  1. Select a topic that you are interested in and have a substantial amount knowledge about. Make sure it is not too narrow. Set the main purpose of your paper, considering the audience.
  2. Think of three main ideas to support your thesis statement and develop it into the paper. These concepts will be the main parts of your body paragraphs.
  3. Having chosen the key ideas, start writing several summary sentences for them. These strong points should build the frame of your essay.
  4. Make sure the main ideas are presented in a logical order and connected with each other. If not – try various sequences.
  5. Write the first draft of your paper. The connections between body paragraphs should be evident. Link them to help readers flow smoothly through your paper. Sometimes good ideas come after some work, so writing a first draft is a must. All viewpoints should be logically related.
  6. Prepare a working thesis statement – the main idea of your essay, expressing your point of view on the particular issue. All ideas in the paper should be connected with it.
  7. Create your introductory paragraph, specifying what you are going to talk about and analyze.
  8. Summarize your ideas in the conclusion, restating the ideas in the introduction. Don’t present any new facts or opinions here.
  9. Check and edit your paper for grammatical and spelling errors.

Useful Tips for Analysis Essay Writing

  • Never write useless sentences to make your paper seem longer. It is advised to keep it short, but informative. Make every phrase count.
  • Use quotes in your analysis essay – the best places to do this are the beginnings and endings of paragraphs. Introductions and conclusions are not good for this – avoid details in them.
  • Ask yourself a question: “What am I going to prove?” and answer it in your thesis statement.
  • Try not to use colloquial style in your analysis essay, as you risk weakening your ideas and arguments.
  • Analyze the particular issue from various views – in such a way you that you can discover new information and evidence.

Now you know the main rules and tips for analysis essay writing. To have a clearer understanding how an analysis essay should look, check out our analysis essay examples.

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