How to Write a Definition Essay

When your task is to write a definition essay, usually you have to explain a particular term, no matter whether it is abstract or a definite one.

Write a Definition Essay in Three Steps

  1. First of all, you have to present your topic. Commonly, a topic is stated in general terms first, then narrowed down to specifics as you progress through the essay. Avoid supplying a definition that is everyday knowledge.
  2. Your next step will be writing your body paragraphs, which means you have to give far more information about your topic. Define your topic from several perspectives to be comprehensive.
  3. The last phase will be summing up your ideas. But make sure that you do not give any new definitions of your topic in this final part of your essay. Usually, it is enough to write three good sentences where you conclude your thoughts.

Useful Tips for Definition Essay Writing

  • Often, the main difficulty in writing a definition essay is actually choosing a definition. You should read various possible definitions online or in the dictionaries and answer yourself whether you can repeat it with your own words. Why to do so? First of all, because you cannot develop your essay if you don’t understand the topic completely. Secondly, because every essay should contain your own thoughts and not only be taken from another source.
  • When you are writing about an abstract topic, it’s obvious you cannot write two pages about it. You have to set some limits for your essay. Write only about certain categories when expounding on expansive subjects.
  • Most students think that when their task is to write a definition essay, they just have to use some citation from a dictionary to define a particular term or concept. But this is not a must.
  • Remember that most instructors want you to express your own views and abilities to define various phenomena and objects.
  • Don’t write too simply. Presenting your own thoughts does not mean you have to use casual language. Always pay attention to your sentence structure and your proper use of English.

Now you know the main rules and tips for definition essay writing. To have a clearer understanding of how a definition essay should be written, check our definition essay examples.

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