How to Write a Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays are designed to describe either a person, a place, a particular object or some experience or event. Before you start writing your essay, you must decide what exactly you want to describe.

Writing a Descriptive Essay in Five Steps

  1. Your first task is to choose a topic which will be both interesting for you and your future readers. Think of all the possible topics which come to your mind and select one.
  2. The next step is to choose the way you want to describe your chosen subject. Remember that you have to write in a manner so that your readers completely understand your thoughts. Your audience should experience the object of description as you do. Think of the right words to express your thoughts in the best way.
  3. Write down your introductory paragraph. Create an interesting thesis statement that will intrigue your readers.
  4. Write at least three body paragraphs. They should be interesting to read and easy to understand. Remember that each body paragraph has to include a topic sentence and sentences which support it. Ensure that you include transitions between your body paragraphs.
  5. Compose a conclusion that sums up the most important concepts that were conveyed in the essay, restate the thesis and finish your essay with an afterthought that will keep your readers interested in your subject.

Useful Tips for Descriptive Essay Writing

  • Start writing your essay with some general details that pertains to your subject. For example, if you choose to write about your childhood, you have to tell where you lived and who you lived with.
  • Then move onto facts that are more focused, which will help your readers to understand your topic.
  • It is also advisable to pay attention to the order of your thoughts in each paragraph. Be sure that they one-by-one create a common mental picture of your subject If you manage to describe it in this way, your essay will be successful.
  • Concerning the number of paragraphs: of course five paragraphs (including introduction and conclusions) is enough, but if you have more than three aspects of your subject to talk about, write more!
  • When writing your description, don’t forget that some information is not known by your readers. Avoid talking about topics in a way that is not communicating well to your reader.
  • Make sure your spelling and grammar is checked thoroughly. For this reason, read your essay several times and perform all necessary corrections.

Now you know the main rules and tips of descriptive essay writing. To have a clearer understanding how a descriptive essay should be written, check out our descriptive essay samples.

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