How to Write an Evaluation Essay

The aim of an evaluation essay is to judge and express your opinion in regard to a particular topic, no matter whether it is about an event, an object, an experience or a person. In order to compose an evaluation essay properly, a writer should provide all necessary argumentation to support their point of view. By doing so, the readers can gather their own opinion on the presented topic. Read the tips below to write your essay properly.

Write an Evaluation Essay in Six Steps

  1. First of all, your task is to find a topic to evaluate. If your teacher hasn’t given you a particular topic to write your essay on, think of all possible subjects you find interesting that you could evaluate. For instance, you may write a list of your favorite books, films or plays.
  2. Write down your introduction. Try to make it both short but informative – remember it should contain your main idea in the topic sentence.
  3. Provide background information about your topic in your introductory paragraph: your readers should have a clue what you are talking about.
  4. Describe the criteria you are going to use in your evaluation in your introductory paragraph as well. If it’s a book, for instance, write that there is a plot, style, main characters, and so on among your criteria.
  5. Write down your body paragraphs. Make sure the arguments you present are enough for a solid evaluation without conceptual holes.
  6. Conclude your essay by summarizing your ideas and restating your thesis statement.

Useful Tips for Evaluation Essay Writing

  • Read over source material to think over your essay before writing it. In this way, you will prevent yourself from re-writing an essay several times before submitting it.
  • Read each paragraph of your essay before writing the next one. It will help you to organize your thoughts and you will be sure that you haven’t omitted anything important.
  • Avoid discussing aspects about your topic that are interesting only to you. Of course, you want to write about a subject you really like, but remember that your readers might not have reasons to be interested in your topic.
  • When evaluating your subject, don’t omit negative aspects. Even if you think that the event, place, and so on are perfect, try to provide readers with disadvantages as well as advantages.

Now you know the main rules and tips of evaluation essay writing. To have a clearer understanding how an evaluation essay should be written, check out our evaluation essay examples.

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