How to Write an Expository Essay

An expository essay is a type of academic paper which requires setting a particular argument and then supporting it with evidence. It is strongly recommended to plan your paper before writing it by brainstorming and outlining . The writer should come up with a good analytical question and provide a powerful thesis statement.

The main aim of a expository essay can be of the following focuses:

  • Analyzing a particular concept.
  • Speaking about an event, situation or scientific work.
  • Explaining instructions, or describing a particular action.

The structure of an expository essay is in the standard format – start your paper with a catchy introduction, including a strong thesis statement; write the main body paragraphs with each one representing a specific idea; restate your main ideas in the conclusion.

Steps to Writing an Expository Essay

  1. Come up with a particular analytical question – the idea you are going to research in your paper. Choose a topic you are really interested in and have lots of arguments in mind to support it. The more you know about your chosen topic – the more informative your paper will be.
  2. Carry out the research. Gather all necessary materials from possible sources – websites, articles, books, magazines and other publications. Take notes of the best ideas and make sure your paper topic is not too general.
  3. Present a thesis statement you are going to answer in your essay. It is really important to develop an arguable phrase – for this reason, you should think of a counter-thesis. Find arguments to contradict viewpoints of your possible opponents.
  4. Choose several ideas (topic sentences) to be designated to each body paragraph. Make sure they are related to the thesis statement.
  5. Conclude your ideas, mentioning your thesis statement and main points. Close the paper effectively, leaving an idea for the reader to continue thinking about your topic. Don’t present any new material at this point.
  6. Write the introduction after the whole paper is ready, as it should include the thesis statement and present your main ideas, which will be discussed later. Try to catch readers’ attention from the first words.

Useful Tips for Expository Essay Writing

  • Write the paper from the second person perspective – “you”.
  • Make sure each paragraph includes a topic sentence that is related to the thesis statement and every new sentence represents a separate idea.
  • While writing an expository essay, always use transitory words to make the paper flow smoothly.
  • Connect ideas with words – such as, as an example, however, etc.
  • Avoid using emotional language. Present factual, relevant, objective and clear arguments to support your ideas.

Now you know the main rules and tips of expository essay writing. To have a clearer understanding of how an expository essay should be written, check out our expository essay examples.

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