How to Write an Informal Essay

An informal essay is aimed to express your opinion on a particular topic in a less formal, sometimes even entertaining manner. It does not mean that these essays cannot be argumentative or research-based, for example, but the main point is that you’re free to use a conversational style of writing.

Write an Informal Essay in Four Steps

  1. Before starting to write your informal essay, think of the kind of essay format you would like to use. If you want to convince your readers of a certain philosophy, use persuasive essay format. Want to express your mind about some event, experience, and so on? Use a reflective essay format. Discover what way you want design your essay.
  2. When writing your introduction, keep in mind that your writing style should not be that formal, so you are free to use different writing devices like humor or anecdotes, real-life stories and quotes by famous people in order to catch the readers’ attention. Nevertheless, your thesis statement should be clear – do not make your readers think for a long time about the key idea of your essay.
  3. Your body paragraphs also should not be written too seriously. Even conversations between characters are welcomed if, for example, you’re writing on a fictional topic. Write in an interesting manner – this is your rule number one! Think more about the content than about the structure of your essay.
  4. When writing your conclusions, remember to still create a poignant ending. Your readers should not only read your final remarks, but feel them. There is a strong need for you to be sincere, to use simple sentences and at the same time interesting ones.

Useful Tips for Informal Essay Writing

  • Keep in mind that informal essays can be written in the first person, so using “I think that…”, “In my opinion…”, “I believe…” are welcome.
  • Sentences of your essay should not be too long, especially in the case of run-on sentences. At the same time – not too short. Varying your sentence lengths is a good practice.
  • Reread your essay at the end of your writing process. Ask yourself whether the tone is too formal or too informal. Make all necessary changes if needed.
  • Add personality to your essay! Don’t know what it means? Well, an informal essay gives you a chance to “personalize” your writing, using words and phrases which are used only by you. In this way, you will have a unique piece of writing on a particular topic. Be creative!

Now you know the main rules and tips of informal essay writing. To have a clearer understanding how an informal essay should be written, check our informal essay examples.

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