Short Story Review

A short story is fiction in prose that has a fully developed theme, but is less elaborate and has fewer characters than a novel. The average short story is no longer than 10,000 words. An casual reader should be comfortable to read it in one sitting.
If you are required to write a short story review, you have to understand that you should express your own thoughts, provide critical analysis and evaluate a particular subject within the text.

To Write a Good Short Story Review You Should

  • Consider content of the story
  • Take into consideration main idea / the author’s message
  • Consider haracter descriptions
  • Pay attention to the plot of the story
  • Define the author’s writing style
  • Consider the usage of metaphors and symbols
  • Notice other means of expressiveness in the text

Guidelines to write Short Story Review

    1. Read the short story twice.

For the first time, read the story just for pleasure. You don’t need to be too critical. Read it a second time with a notebook and a pen in your hand. Make notes about the background of the characters and think over how it could influence them. Pay attention to their goals and try to define the reasons of their actions.

    1. Introduce the full title of the short story and the name of its author.

When writing a review, you are supposed to mention all the essential information about the short story: its title, name of the author, date of publishing and genre.

    1. In brief, explain the plot line without telling the entire story.

Begin your review with a synopsis of the story. Tell readers the general story idea and explain the plot line in a few sentences. Introduce the main characters of the story.

    1. Define the theme of the story.

The theme is the idea that author desires to convey to their readers about the subject. In other words, it is the main idea of the story. It is expressed in a form of a general statement about human nature and life. For instance: don’t think that you are better than others, don’t judge the book by its cover, treat others the way you want to be treated, etc.

    1. Provide your personal evaluation.

When reviewing, you should express your own ideas. How do you understand the message of the story? Did the author manage to achieve their goal? Provide the extended answers to these questions. Examine the author’s usage of metaphors and symbols, discuss whether they were effective or not. Would you recommend to read this story? You should show your attitude towards it.

    1. Point out strengths and weaknesses of the story.

Make a list of strengths and weaknesses of the short story. For example, the author’s writing style is exquisite, but the content is poor. Or, probably, the story has a controversial main idea and the author didn’t manage to develop it.

    1. Don’t exceed the word limit.

Whereas a short story is a brief genre of literature and usually takes a few printed pages, you review shouldn’t be long.

  1. Short story review writing requires your attentiveness, diligence and eagerness. You should demonstrate your ability to think critically, arrange your findings logically and express your ideas precisely. Probably, your review will help somebody decide whether to read a particular short story or not.

Now you know how academic paper of this type should be written and what tips are necessary to follow. You can look through our short story review samples to see the connection between theory and practical skills.

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