How to Write an Acceptance Presentation

Receiving a special award, honor, promotion, or winning a political election is an exciting and rewarding experience. Many times such an honor requires the recipient to give an acceptance presentation or speech to show appreciation. The aim of the presentation is to acknowledge gratitude for being given the award or honor.


  • Keep your message short. A good speech should be between three and five minutes long.
  • Make the speech memorable. Give your presentation a personal touch.
  • Make your presentation humorous to keep people interested.
  • Don’t tell the public your entire life story.
  • Try to touch people’s emotions if possible. Tell how the experience has changed your life.
  • Be prepared. You are a professional in your field.
  • Don’t force humor. If you are not a master of telling jokes, then avoid them.
  • Don’t thank the little people. Make a brief list of people you want to thank.
  • Don’t forget to mention the people who gave you moral support.
  • Do not give thanks to a religious entity, such as God or Jesus, David, Mohammed or Buddha.

Guidelines – How to Write an Acceptance Presentation

  1. Begin by thanking everyone involved in giving you the award. Typically, this includes the person who nominated or introduces you and the organization that granted the award. Express the gratitude and sense of honor you feel at the recognition.
  2. Be graceful, polite, and courteous. Remain modest under all circumstances.
  3. State how honored you are, mentioning the award by name.
  4. Speak from your heart; if you’ve just won an award, your audience will surely believe what you have to say is worth hearing.
  5. Briefly mention the process by which your achievement came about. Recreate the historical background of your activities that helped you to gain the award. Write about how you got involved with the project, company or organization.
  6. Thank everyone who collaborated with you on your work and made the award possible. List their names and briefly mention their contributions.
  7. Thank everyone who gave you moral support, but don’t include too many people. It is more powerful to express sincere gratitude for the most meaningful individuals.
  8. Tell about the importance of the award for you, the emotions you feel. Explain how this experience has changed your life for the better.
  9. Jokes are usually not appropriate (except if you are a comedian). If you want to be perceived as sincere, don’t make any jokes.
  10. End your presentation on a final, impressive note of thanks. Close with the statement that will make your audience remember you. Depending on the occasion you may also want to inspire the audience with a specific call to action—perhaps to give generously of their time or money to the organization presenting the award or to which the award is connected.
  11. Keep your presentation short, no more than five minutes. Of course it depends on the purpose of the occasion. Typically, though, presentations last between three and five minutes.

When giving an acceptance speech, it is important to remember to not keep all of the attention on yourself. Recognize those who helped you achieve your award. Be certain to utilize the suggestions provided with our free video on how to write an acceptance speech.

Now you understand the guidelines and suggestions for writing an acceptance presentation. To have a clearer understanding of how an acceptance presentation should look, be certain to check out our online acceptance presentation examples.

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