How to Write an Entertaining Presentation

An entertaining presentation belongs to the informal type of presentations. Usually topics are designed to create a jovial atmosphere and make the audience enjoy the presentation. Remember, the word “entertain” means not only humor but also drama. An entertaining presentation should stir up the emotions of audience.

An entertaining presentation can be divided into three sections: a great opening that informs the audience of the presentation’s topic, the body, and a memorable closing. Organize your presentation for maximum impact and entertainment.

Tips for Writing an Entertaining Presentation

  • Keep your presentation short and sweet. It should be easy to follow.
  • Adopt your presentation to your audience and occasion.
  • Choose an appropriate topic. Help your audience experience an enjoyable time.
  • Incorporate dialogues and metaphors. Design your presentation for the purpose of entertaining.
  • Use vivid descriptions to make strong images in the audience’s minds.
  • Entertain the audience by relating a personal experience.
  • Add anecdotes or drama. Keep your presentation lively.
  • Make unexpected turns. Surprise your audience.
  • Interact with the audience. Ask questions and give examples.
  • Keep track of time. Don’t make your presentation overwhelming for your audience.
  • Enjoy your presentation. Help the audience to enjoy it too.

Guidelines – How to Write an Entertaining Presentation

    1. Consider your audience. Remember that different audiences respond differently to material in the presentation. Choose a topic that will interest your audience. The topic should be simple and clear.
    2. Provide an attention grabber in the introduction. It plays an important part in establishing you as an orator. Use humor and interesting stories.
    3. Adapt your material to suit your topic, your personality, and the audience. Use entertaining strategies to convey a serious message.
    4. Be to the point. Your presentation should have at least one main message on which the presentation is based.
    5. Use simple language. Remember, the audience will want the message delivered in a clear and concise manner.
    6. Strengthen your presentation by adapting and personalizing humorous material from outside sources. Deliver information in a way that makes the humor effective.
    7. Avoid subjects that are so serious in nature that they can drag down the audience. The audience expects to enjoy a good time instead of listening to impassioned speeches.
    8. Illustrate your messages with visual aids. Videos and pictures related to the topic can reinforce your messages and entertain the audience.
    9. Actively involve the audience. Tell interesting stories related to the topic of your presentation. Give examples based on information you present. Ask questions to help the audience on a specific message.
    10. End with a bright conclusion. To fulfill the goal of entertaining audience and delivering a message, you should make the closing minutes of the presentation the most inspiring and engaging part of the presentation.
    11. Be aware of your timing and the length of the presentation.

Remember, to make an effective entertaining presentation, you should employ four key strategies: preparation, relating the topic to the occasion, relating the topic to the audience, and timing of the presentation. Make your presentation casual and light-hearted. Deliver it in same manner as you might at a dinner with family or friends.

To help you better understand how to write an entertaining presentation, please view some examples on our website.

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