How to Write an Inspirational Presentation

The key to writing an inspirational presentation is finding the right words to inspire your audience. Usually, topics of inspirational presentations are connected with perseverance, goal setting, positive thinking, time management and failure that help you connect with your audience. One way to improve your inspirational presentation is to research the works of professional speakers. Reading books, attending courses and listening to records can give you some ideas.

Tips for Writing an Inspirational Presentation

  • Be optimistic. Convince your audience to believe in your message.
  • Be passionate. Deliver your points with conviction, enthusiasm and passion.
  • Make your audience feel confident. Inspire them with achievable goals.
  • Provide a personal touch to the presentation.
  • Try to express, not impress. The audience will be far more engaged with the topic.
  • Use words that your audience will understand easily.
  • Use anecdotes. They are short and memorable.
  • Keep it short and simple. Avoid wordiness and overzealousness.
  • Don’t just list points. That will bore the audience.
  • Relate a real experience in presentation.

Guidelines – How to Write an Inspirational Presentation

    1. Understand your audience. The success of a presentation is completely dependent on your audience. The theme, style of delivery, and humor should be connected to your audience interests.
    2. Choose the right theme. Be sure, that you are confident in your knowledge of the topic. You should feel inspired by the message of your presentation and convey that in your style of delivery.
    3. Create an outline. This will help you to identify the main points you want to cover and prevent digression during writing.
    4. Identify three to four strong points, but do not overwhelm your audience. Repeat the main points during your presentation, using different contexts and examples. Explain your points by appealing to your audience in different ways. That will increase the chance that one of your stories will resonate with the audience.
    5. Appeal to emotions. Include an inspirational story in your presentation. A real-life story makes an emotional connection to the audience and easily delivers your message.
    6. Add quotes to emphasis your main points. Quotations from famous people add credibility to your own words. Quote people who hold the same life views as your audience; this will make a stronger connection.
    7. Show your audience that you are one of them. Tell them what you should do together instead of what they need to do.
    8. Use humor judiciously. Remember who your intended audience is and company your presentation with an appropriate amount and kind of humor.
    9. Develop a good rhythm and flow for your presentation. To effectively deliver an inspirational presentation – use pauses. You can mark the pauses while writing.
    10. Proofread your presentation, making sure that the structure of your presentation is logical and coherent.
    11. Write a memorable conclusion, restating your main points. Inspire your audience to take an immediate action.

Remember, the primary goal of every inspirational presentation is to take the audience to the mountain top where it can see the vision of something new. The most famous inspirational speakers are the ones who hit the right note at the right time.

If you want to have a more concrete understanding of how to write an inspirational presentation, please view examples of inspirational presentations on our web site.

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