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Sometimes when students are asked to write an article review example, they may have difficulties, because they don’t understand properly what they should write about. That is why a definition of the term article review requires some clarification. An article review or an article critique, as it may be called sometimes, is a type of writing that assumes reading an article, commenting on and evaluating its strong and weak points.
When writing an article review, you should show your ability to evaluate the article’s main theme in a logical way and support your opinions with arguments. This helps develop your analytical reading skills. Usually, each tutor has their own recommendations for writing an article review. Still, there are some common instructions that you should know.

To Write a Good Article Review You Should

  • Define the central concept of the article.
  • Use a style relevant to the article you are required to review.
  • Make certain that your thesis statement is valid.
  • Try to be as reasonable and clear as you can.
  • Evaluate the article in terms of its content importance.
  • Examine the evidence supporting your opinions.
  • Assess the quality of the writing.

Guidelines to write Article Review

    1. Read the article at least twice. Reading it for the first time, try to understand its general idea. Reread the article carefully, taking notes of unfamiliar words to look them up in a dictionary. Also, highlight important details.
    2. Write a summary outline. Make a short, clear scheme that would cover the main points described in the article. It shouldn’t include your personal opinions.
    3. Create an outline of your opinions. Revise each item in the summary outline to define whether the author was precise and clear. Write your comments.
    4. Make a list of strengths and weaknesses. For example, the strength of the article may be that it presents some new contributions to the field. The weakness may be that it doesn’t provide any new information and just retells well-known facts.
    5. Begin your review with referring to the title and the author of the article.
    6. Analyze the main author’s arguments and express your opinions on them. You can quote the article and give examples to support your point of view. This may take several paragraphs, but you shouldn’t exceed the length established by your instructor.
    7. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence to introduce the main idea of the paragraph.
    8. Explain how well the author developed their topic. Mention whether the article was clear and easy to comprehend.
    9. In a concluding paragraph, summarize both the key points of the article and your opinions about their importance, accuracy and clarity. If it is relevant, give your comments about further research in the field.


  1. To write an article review, you shouldn’t simply describe the article. Your task is to analyze, interpret and express your personal opinions. Make sure you provide a critique-detailed research. To asses the general value of the article, you should indicate whether its content is significant and what contributions to its field it presents.

Now you know how academic paper of this type should be written and what tips are necessary to follow. You can look through our article review example to see the connection between theory and practical skills.

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