Biography Review

Writing a biography review assumes that you will be illuminating the strengths and weaknesses of a book  that presents someone’s life story written by another person. From the very beginning, you should take into consideration some of its peculiarities. In a biographical book, the author presents their vision of another person’s life that can be both objective and biased. For this reason, you should try to be as reasonable and painstaking as possible when expressing your point of view.

For a biography review, it is significant to state the author’s credentials for writing the book and mention where they obtained the information. Also, you should remember that you are reviewing the biographical book and not the subject of the biography itself.

To Write a Good Biography Review You Should

  • Pay attention to the style of the author’s writing
  • Note whether the author explains events clear or not
  • Define passages where the author seems especially profound
  • Point out factual errors if they are present
  • Note a page if you quote from the book to help a reader find an excerpt you are referring to
  • Create a credible argument about your perception of the book

Guidelines to write Biography Review

    1. Before you start writing a review, search for additional information about the subject of the biography. This will help you to see whether the author omitted significant facts or not.
    2. While reading the book, take notes. Write down what seems important to you and be sure to specify the page numbers that your notes refer to. Note your impressions after every chapter you read and point out which passages seem good or bad to you.
    3. Begin your review with a short description of the book. In the introductory paragraph, state the book title, biographer’s name, general publishing information and the name of the subject of the biography. Identify the biographer’s qualifications, if they are a friend, relative, editor, associate to the subject of the biography, etc.
    4. In general terms, mention the subject of the book, identify its specific features, such as photographs, maps, indexes, and color pages. If the printed version of the book you are reviewing is rare or unusual, you should list its dimensions. You have to provide enough information to help the readers find the same edition of the book you read.
    5. Define the author’s goal in writing the book and mention if they managed to accomplish it.
    6. Describe what the book is about. Explain who the subject of the biography is and why they are notable. Focus on the main events and accomplishments from the person’s experience, but do not recount the entire story of their life. On the whole, you should give the readers all the objective information about the book.
    7. Discuss your view on the book. Describe whether it was easy or hard to comprehend. Write about your overall impression about the book you read.
    8. To finish your review, in one or two sentences, summarize your general point of view on the book. Mention whether you would recommend it to read.
    9. Proofread your review. Correct mistakes in spelling and punctuation if they are present. Make sure that you did not exceed the word-count limit.


  1. In a biography review, you should analyze whether the author delivered information precisely and did not omit substantial facts, and whether the book is easy or difficult to understand. Also, express your opinion on the book by supporting your arguments with research.

Now you know how academic paper of this type should be written and what tips are necessary to follow. You can look through our biography review samples to see the connection between theory and practical skills.

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