Essay Collections Review

An essay collection is a book that includes a number of essays written by one or several authors. If you are required to write a essay collection review, you may face some difficulties. We will discuss them in detail.
To begin with, you should choose the essay collection that will be suitable for writing a review on. This will make the writing process enjoyable and exciting for you. Being familiar with the author’s works will be an another advantage. Providing a critical analysis of the whole essay collection is quite difficult. That is why you should focus on an overview of the most important themes raised by the author.

To Write a Good Essay Collections Review You Should

  • Think of the essay collection title and try to explain the author’s choice.
  • Write down the list of issues that were brought up in the essays.
  • Analyze the writing style.
  • Examine the personalities that show up in the essays.
  • Support your thoughts with evidence – give examples and quotations from the text.
  • Explore historical and cultural context.
  • Be careful with your grammar and spelling.

Guidelines to write Essay Collections Review

    1. In the introductory paragraph, provide essential information about the essay collection you have chosen for analysis. Mention its title, the author, date of publishing and the name of publisher, format (hardcover or softcover), ISBN number and price. Don’t forget to tell how many essays the book includes and name some of them. In one sentence, establish the thesis statement of your paper.
    2. In the body paragraphs, clarify a general theme that unites all the essays into one collection. Mention the essays in which it is well-developed and discuss them in brief.
    3. Select a few essays for more detailed analysis. They should be the most representative of this collection. Focus on the problems that are raised in them. In case you find any controversial points, argue with them, supporting your thoughts with evidence.
    4. Introduce the most striking personalities described in the essays. Explore what conflicts are connected with them. Try to find the circumstances that may have influenced their actions and thoughts. Show the author’s attitude toward them.
    5. Describe the author’s writing style. You should observe whether the writer’s language differs depending on a particular essay or stays the same. For example, one essay may be written in slang, while the other may represent the academic language style.
    6. Evaluate the contribution of the essay collection in its own time as well as in present. If it was written earlier, consider whether the problems that it discussed are relevant in modern times. Explain what valuable information people may get if they read it.
    7. In the concluding paragraph, you need to restate your thesis statement and resume your critical analysis. You shouldn’t provide any new information. When you complete your writing, reread it attentively and check for proper usage of grammar and punctuation.


  1. Writing an essay collection review assumes you critically analyze and evaluate the most significant problems and themes raised by the author. You should express your own opinion in regard to different issues. In case you find any controversial points and try to argue with them, support your thoughts with evidence.

Now you know how academic paper of this type should be written and what tips are necessary to follow. You can look through our essay collections review samples to see the connection between theory and practical skills.

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