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Sponsor Inquiry Letter Sample

Kelly Prinx NGO Help for Orphans 75 Oxford Street London 56789 Phone +7445780086 helpfororphans@mail.com Ronald Evans World Children’s Foundation 145 Victory Street Birmingham 34565 Dear Mr. Evans, I am the Executive Director of the NGO Help for Orphans. With regard to your article in the newspaper ‘The Sunday Times’ on the 15th of May, I would like to inquire whether you are kindly willing to be our sponsor and allocate an investment of $50,000 to help orphans in Tennessee, and…

Inquiry Letter Sample

James Milner                                                                                 May 26, 2013 Tropical Bakers Ltd 653 Elmwood Ave. Indianapolis, IN 12345 Customer Relations Manager Indiana Poultry Ltd 5687 Hardegan St. Indianapolis, IN 12345 Dear Sir/Madam I am the Production Manager at Tropical Bakers Ltd. My duty is to…

Investment Inquiry Letter Sample

London Association of Compound Bow Archery                                   November 12, 2012 20 Park Lane London, UK 45645 Johnathan Smith Board Director Hoyt Foundation 787 S. Baker St. Washington, D.C. 22222 USA Dear Mr. Smith, I am writing on behalf of the Association of Compound Bow Archery to inquire whether the Hoyt Foundation would acquire a proposal from our Association, requesting an investment of $40,000 per year over two years to support our activities with its 400 members. This grant would provide part…

Personal Loan Inquiry Letter Sample

Dear Loan Officer, I am currently employed as a Finance Assistant, but I have received a promotion to the role of the Finance Manager as of next month at Nestle, where I have been employed for the past 25 years. You are welcome to contact the company and confirm that I work there on a permanent basis. The telephone number for the personnel department is 0000-215-258 or you can write a letter to them at Johnson Street, New York City,…

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