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The Rolling Stones in December 6, 1969

The Rolling Stones in December 6, 1969 at Atlamont Speedway Free Festival, California The Rolling Stones is a renowned rock and roll musical group globally. The following paper analyses the musical performance, musician’s names involved in the performance used in the book The Rolling Stones in December 6, 1969 at Altamont Speedway Free Festival, California. Also the paper describes the musical performance in every stage in the performance. In the reviewing of the musical performance, The Rolling Stones for this…

Michael Jackson’s Performance At Motown

Why Michael Jackson’s Performance At Motown 25 In March 4, 1983 Is Worthy Of Emmy’s Nomination? Michael Jackson’s electric performance at Motown 25 in 1983 is one of the greatest performances of all time and has permanently remained in the memory of people who attended the live concert at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium as well as those who viewed it on their television. It was an event that was viewed by over 50 million people and Michael Jackson’s performance that…

The Beatles’ Performance at the Shea Stadium

The Beatles’ Performance at the Shea Stadium, New York on August 15th, 1965: That Live Show that Set a Attendance Record The famous English rock group, The Beatles, first visited New York City in 1965 in what emerged as a record-breaking concert of the time in terms of attendance. The performance took place at the Shea Stadium, owned by the baseball team the New York Mets, with over 55,000 people in attendance. In addition to the record attendance, the performance…

Coldplay Performance

Coldplay Performance at Ricoh Arena, Coventry: One Night to Remember The world-renowned British rock band Coldplay performed at Ricoh Arena in Coventry on the 29th of May, 2012. It was a performance in support of the new studio album Mylo Xyloto the band had released recently. Today, Coldplay is one of the most popular and commercially successful bands, selling over 50 million albums worldwide. Throughout their career, they have won numerous awards, including five MTV Video Music Awards, eight Brit…

Musical Performance Review

To write an informative and enthralling musical performance review, you have to put in some effort. Of course, if you are a musician and have an in-depth understanding of music theory, musical styles and genres, then you will feel comfortable with a musical performance evaluation. But what if you do not have a musical education? There is no reason to worry. You only have to be attentive to the details of the performance and have a good ear. Writing a…

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